The Coolest Invention I Have EVER Seen: From TED 2009

While I realize to all of you that this post may have very little to do with education innovation, I just had to blog about it.  I was one of the privileged few to attend TED 2009, and every year, TED showcases a product invention that is “jaw-dropping.”  This year was no different. A few years ago, at the Forbes MEET Conference in Beverly Hills, I saw a demo of the Microsoft Surface.  Almost immediately, what I saw was not a future entertainment platform, but an early glimpse at the future student desk in the classroom environment.  Now, two years later, I have seen a derivative that takes the aspirations of of the Surface into the consumer mainstream.   I think this is one of the most disruptive innovative devices I have ever seen. Imagine what it could do not only for entertainment, but for experiential learning. Take a look at this 8 minute video, and then tell me if you are not blown away.  Rest assured that the “packaging” will likely come later.

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