A Brief Interlude To The “Reinvent Education” Series

Before I post Part III later today, I felt compelled to be one of the many bloggers who I’m sure will be writing about something truly fascinating.

This week, we saw the true power of the Internet.  I recently spoke to the Georgia Game Developers Association Athens Chapter about how the Internet has turned the value chain on its head, and how users become “content developers.”  It is now so easy to form a tribe (as Seth Godin likes to call them), or quite simply, to have your voice heard, literally.  So I’m going to be yet another blogger who will link to the incredible performance of Susan Boyle.

This woman completely floored the judges and audience on the UK’s reality show version of American Idol, called Britain’s Got Talent.  In less than one week, her YouTube video has been viewed nearly 16 million times!  Even more fascinating is that the song she sang, the memorable “I Dreamed A Dream” from the Broadway Show Les Miserables, is now #39 on the iTunes chart of top downloaded songs, and that was as of last night!.

I assure you:  this is worth watching if only because it’s good – real good.  And it also shows how the Internet can make a star.  We’ll be seeing more of Susan Boyle for sure, even after she makes the rounds with the major media outlets.


Bravo, Susan.

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