We Must Do Better At Tracking Ed Stimulus Spending

Today I would like to refer to an article that came out yesterday in Education Week.  Stete and federal agencies have not been as quick to publicly “track” the money they have received to date as they are at receiving it.  Now I’m not referring to this article to continue to hammer the stimulus process every step of the way, but I refer to it because it is a stark reminder of the need for accountability and transparency whenever taxpayer funds are spent on public projects.

I have not been shy about putting a big “question mark” around the probability of success of the education stimulus funds, and if we are to evaluate the merits of the plans, then all parties must be transparent in tracking the use of such funds.  Hopefully, it is too early to state unequivocally that the American people will not know what the money is being used for, and that over the coming weeks/months, the back-end tracking systems will be enhanced and improved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Everyone should be watching this situation closely, because this is a LOT of our taxpayer dollars being put to work.

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