Georgia Education Bills Vetoed By Its Governor

In my own state, the battle to reinvent education is an uphill one.

According to an article in yesterday’s Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue vetoed two education bills, citing one as “unfair” and one as “unaffordable.”  One bill was a large incentive to continue encouraging more Georgians to contribute to nonprofit student scholarship organizations established by a bill enacted in 2008.  The second bill was a routine extension of a K-12 capital outlay program because he objected to a new provision that would have created a new career and technical education initiative in Georgia schools.


To be completely frank, I’m sick and tired of hearing our govornor, or any politician for that matter, say that spending on education is “unaffordable.”  How about shifting funds from other coffers, perhaps?  I continue to say that there are very, very few initiatives more important than education.  That is not a democratic or republican point of view.  That is the point of view of a parent, and a concerned citizen. 


I’d like to think that a career and technical education initiative appears logical and timely, regardless of not knowing the implementation plans.  So I ask our esteemed governor to reconsider his veto and start articulating how he plans to improve Georgia’s education system.  It’s too close to the bottom.


But my guess is that he’ll leave this mess for the next administration to clean up.

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