A New Year, A New Attempt To Reinvent Education

Happy New Year to all of my loyal readers.  Thank you for your continued support and interest in this blog, where I continue to highlight provocative research and progressive ideas to reinvent our education system.  And why not start the new year with a whopper!

I was asked by a very respected college professor to offer my support to a research project being conducted to demonstrate how games can be used to re-engage boys into the K-12 classroom.  A study in 2008 by the National Education Association showed that the number of male teachers hit a record 40-year low.  Males comprised 24.5% of public school teachers.  Even more stunning is the statistic that men account for only about 2% of all teachers of children from birth to age 8!

Just this week, I came across an author by the name of Richard Whitmire, a former editorial writer for USA Today and past board member of the National Education Writers Association, who has written a book titled Why Boys Fail.  His blog of the same title was recently added to the digital version of the popular trade magazine for the education industry, Education Week.  I am looking forward to reading this literature and evaluating the insights and perspectives of the author.  Certainly, the lack of male teachers should be cause for alarm, but not in the manner you might think.


I’ll let you think about my open-ended statement until I add a new post after I read more about  this very provocative topic.

May you all thrive in the new year and share my optimism the fortunes of all Americans will revive in conjunction with the arrival of a new decade.


3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Attempt To Reinvent Education

  1. Thanks for your comments Acai and Hector. I’m glad to hear you found it a worthwhile read, and thanks for your loyal readership.Al


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