An Eloquent Case For Disruptive Innovation In Education

Today I author a post in support of the incredible work my friend and colleague, Michael Horn, is doing with the Innosight Institute.  This article that came out of the Florida press discusses the intense debate that plagued Florida recently regarding the reduced funding of the Florida Virtual School along with the Florida Governor’s controversial veto of the bill that would have shifted a great deal of teacher compensation to performance-based pay.


In the context of this debate, I ask that you instead focus on the pdf document that can be downloaded there.  Authrored by Mr. Horn, it’s title is “Virtual Schooling:  Disrupting the Status Quo.”  Here, Michael reasserts the premise of the book he co-authored with globally-respected HBS Professor Clayton Chrstenson:  Disrupting Class:  How Disruptive Innovation Will Change The Way The World Learns.

We need to focus on revamping the learning process in schools, along with the tools we use to teach today’s “digital native” students.  Focus on funding competitive alternatives because competition is what drives creativity and innovation.  Government and Educators must follow the course of history, and see how what is occurring in the education system is no different than what has taken place any time that radical change has affected an ecosystem, whether in commercial industry or not. 

Let innovation have a chance to be cultivated, and this is not from the inside out.  It must be permitted to occur from outside the establishment, and once its efficacy is proven, then the establishment “buys in” to the process.  Lets not simply invest in content delivery technology products, but “content creation” products as well.  Children don’t “play” technology, they play “games” that are delivered to the consumer through the technology enabler, whether that enabler is through a social network, a wireless device, a laptop, or, shall I say, a game console.

Read the brief written by Michael Horn for the James Madison Institute.  You’ll be nodding your head in agreement the entire time reading it.



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