Wise Words For Business, Government, Education, and Just About Anything

While reading my new friend/colleague Sarah Miller Caldicott’s book, Innovate Like Edison, I came across some quotes from Gary Hamel, whom the Wall Street Journal ranked as the world’s most influential business thinker, and Fortune magazine has called him “the world’s leading expert on business strategy.” For the last three years, Hamel has also topped Executive Excellence magazine’s annual ranking of the most sought after management speakers.

This quote works on so many levels, and because of that, it alone is the subject of today’s blog post:


Sitting monarchs don’t usually lead revolutions. Yet most management systems give a disproportionate share of influence over strategy and policy to a small number of senior executives. Ironically, these are the people most vested in the status quo and most likely to defend it. That’s why incumbents often surrender the future to upstarts. The only solution is to develop management systems that redistribute power to those who have most of their emotional equity invested in the future and have the least to lose from change.


Maybe our educators and politicians will heed these wise words.

2 thoughts on “Wise Words For Business, Government, Education, and Just About Anything

  1. Wow. There's something to think about. It's easy to take established trends for granted, but sometimes the best decision is a radical re-evaluation of your assumptions, in business and elsewhere.


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