Where’s the “fair” in college fairs?

There’s a reason why public schools have ongoing challenges.    They can’t even organize a college fair without doing something wrong.

Last week, a high school put on a college fair for students that included more than 150 colleges.   Apparently, it was organized by the parents, NOT the school.   The school system decided that all of the high schools in the system should be allowed to send students, which makes sense.   But here’s the problem.    The high school didn’t have sufficient space to include all of the students from the other high schools in the school system.    So what did they do?   Instead of looking for a larger facility, they forced other high schools to cap their numbers to only 30 students per school!   What’s more, they left the other high schools to decide how the 30 students were selected!

Some schools required students to be in the Top 10% of their graduating class in order to attend the college fair.   How is that fair?   Many of the colleges admit students far beyond the Top 25%.  I just don’t see how this school system could get away with such a policy.   I know that the admissions officers were not too pleased with how this was implemented.   For a school to say, “you’re not academically proficient enough to talk to these schools” is just plain wrong.  And I know that this school system is working VERY hard to increase the college graduation rate, not just the high school graduation rate.   This type of situation sets a bad precedent, and I am appalled that the administration has not made a public statement about this matter, nor has the local media covered the story.  

How can a public school screw up such a simple event?    Was the “fair” in this college fair?

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